I was born in Atlanta to my parents, for whom I aspire to be excellent, and hope I honor their memory with my life and work. I hope I have time. Atlanta was different, even back then. It was big then, but with a little more hometown feel. Now, it’s barely a part of the South, unless you are an insider and have seen what has happened. It still has a beautiful Southern soul, but you have to look if you’re not from there. Now I live in a little north Georgia town, and go to Atlanta for concerts and ball games from time to time, and wonder what it will become. Maybe a heap of dust; perhaps a glorious place. Time will tell, surely.

Not surprisingly, then, I am a Southern boy, but with an appreciation of people and cultures far and wide. I do like Southern culture best, though, and I mostly write about the people and places I know. I enjoy the variety within the South, and the interesting way it has developed. Well, I don’t enjoy all the ways it has developed, or all the people who have come here, but mostly I do, though most of the recent development may not have been for the best. I know that the chaff will fly away when harvest time comes. And it will come.

I have a wife and a few children. One went home to be with the Lord when he was three. That was hard. I also have a dog and some cats. I love them all. One of the cats more than the others. I attend an Anglican church. I don’t like the term “Episcopal” applied as distinct from “Anglican.” All churches have bishops. I grew up Baptist.

I like most things a Southern boy likes, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors God us to develop…just not the way most of the developers around Atlanta go about it, I don’t think, even though I have some in the family. I like them, though. And I understand that the lean times can make them chase that dollar somewhat overzealously in the fat times.

I have some opinions, but I am not here to beat a drum about them so much as I am to create something I believe worthwhile and constructive. I may be wrong, but I doubt that continuing to shout across cultures will really do much good, and probably will do quite a lot of bad. We each have to make our own judgments about how to spend our time, though.

I have a legal background, and some of that may come through in some of my writing, but hopefully not too much. I have also spent time in the military and in the green industry. We need to move forward as a people, and I have some ideas about how to and in which direction, but my primary goal is to put words together in a way that is beautiful, meaningful, brings joy at some level, and thought about things as well. I am very glad you are reading, and pray (genuinely, I do) that you find your time here worthwhile. Thank you for visiting.

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